This page briefly explains a little about Tuning. Here we’re focusing on perfomance, and offer our advice and services to help you achieve the results you want from your vehicle.

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More Information (Work in Progress!)

What is Stage 1?

“Stages” simply refer to different levels of tuning. Truth be told, it’s a marketing method and not a guide we follow. However, we view Stage 1 as the amount of power achievable without adding or removing any hardware on the engine, just through altering the ECU software.

ECU (Engine) Tuning
TCU (Transmission) Tuning
ECU (Engine) Tuning

At Auto-Tune we can tune ECU (Engine Control Unit) Software on almost all vehicles on the current market – petrol and diesel. This is commonly called “Remapping”, since the ECU Software is laid out in a variety of different “Maps” which we modify.

In most cases this is done by reading the map from the car via the OBD2 Diagnostic Port, altering the Map Structure, then reprogramming it. Some cars have some levels of OBD2 protection, and the ECU has to removed to reprogram them. Make sure to check this if you think it may cause any issues.

We can tailor our ECU maps for better fuel economy, or for optimal performance as our maps are custom to each vehicle, not ‘generic’ or ‘flash’ type maps. Needless to say, the assurance of this method may come at higher cost than others – but you get what you pay for in terms of quality, experience and reliability.

Each car responds differently to being tuned, and +/- 10bhp is completely normal for cars with identical setups and parameters. Further variations can depend on many factors, from the health of the engine (not necessarily current health, but as far back as the initial run-in period), to the quality of the fuel being used. We recommend a Dyno run for any keen performance enthusiasts so the results can clearly be seen.

We are pleased to announce further development of additional software features. This is make and model dependant, so just contact us for more details on these items:-

  • Exhaust Flap Control – (eg always open, or open/closed depending on driving modes)
  • Driving Mode Remapping /Map Switching – (eg lower/normal power on normal driving modes, full power on sport etc)
  • StartStop Deactivation
  • Launch Control/No Lift Shift (eg Set Launch RPM with Clutch Hold and Boost Hold Between Gears)
  • Pops and Bangs Activation (…don’t think this one needs explaination!)
  • Hardcut Rev Limiter

TCU (Transmission) Tuning


We are pleased to now offer DSG tuning on VAG group cars for those who which to get that little bit more out of VW’s astonishing Direct Shift Gearbox. Our DSG Software includes tweaks such as:-

  • Increased Maximum Torque Handling
  • Automatic Shift-Point Increased (Sport Mode only if Preferred)
  • Disable Kick-Down/Upshift in Manual
  • Launch Control EnablingSpecific to User Requirements.


We are now an official retailer of xHP software for the BMW 6 Speed Gearboxes. Their innovative software is more customizable than any other market brand, because their development is solely from the aspect of performance enthusiasts. You can see this from the (non-exclusive) list of fantastic features they offer:-

  • Max RPM ShiftpointsEnables User Specific Upper Shift Points, Set Differently for D, S and M Modes.
  • Kickdown OverrideOverrides Maximum Speed for Downshift.
  • Gear DisplayDisplays “Actual Gear” in all Modes or Optional “Target Gear” for Current Driving.
  • 2nd Gear at StandstillAllows Taking Off in Second Gear in M Mode.
  • Throttle BlipsAlter the Aggressive-ness of Throttle Blips during Rev-matching.
  • Shiftpoint ChangesEdit all Shiftpoints for each Gear across all Modes.
  • Shiftpoint SpeedIncrease or Decrease Shift Speed in M Mode


In addition to remapping, the next step for more performance from your vehicle may require some hardware upgrades. We offer upgrades on most performance parts, from turbo to injectors, intercoolers to exhausts, brakes to suspension – get in touch to discuss your specific requirements. We support some of the biggest brands, as well as local businesses to help us achieve your tuning goals.