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Our Services

See below Index of Services or Scroll Down to find out more.
Services Index
  • Tuning
  • DPF/EGR Solutions
  • NOx/AdBlue/DTC Removal
  • Swirl Flap Delete
  • Inlet Manifold Flap Delete
  • Dyno Testing
  • ECU Diagnostics/Cloning/Repair
  • Airbag Module/Crash Data Reset
  • Diagnostics
  • Retrofit/OEM Coding


This section briefly explains a little about Tuning. Here we’re focusing on perfomance, and offer our advice and services to help you achieve the results you want from your vehicle.

To see what we can do for your car, use our new configurator and make an enquiry today.

This page is exclusively for our own in-house tuning. To see what other brands of software we offer – click here.

If you have a question, check out our FAQ section, if you can’t find the answer Contact Us Here.

DPF/EGR Solutions

This section briefly explains a cars DPF/EGR System, and how we can help if yours is giving issues. Click the below tabs for some basic background, or use the table further down to find out how we can help if you’re having issues.

DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas on a modern diesel engine. After the accumulation of a minimum level of soot, a regeration process will inject diesel (or another fluid) in attempt to increase exhaust temperature to a level high enough to combust the soot particles, resulting in an ash deposit from the exhaust.

The only issue posed by a working DPF is an increased backpressure. This results in a lowered perfomance and fuel economy from the engine. The main issues with DPF filters are when they aren’t functioning as they should. There are many factors which play a role here. Here are our most common three:-

System Faults. The regeneration will only occur if there are no engine system faults. Due to the fact there is a combustion process happening in the exhaust, everything must be closely controlled and monitored by the ECU. Any engine fault will cause the vehicle not to regenerate.
Vehicle Driving. For regeration to occur minimum engine running factors must be met. (eg minimum driving speed, engine temperature, length of drive) Taking this into account we find that vehicles which are driven daily on longer commutes give less issues, the opposite is true for short journeys. It is worth bearing this in mind when looking at which solution is best for you.
-DPF Aging. In most vehicles the DPF is a servicable item. In the service manual you may find details of the frequency of checks, and when replacement is expected. Cleaning or Forcing a regeneration on a DPF which is overdue a replacement may not have a positive outcome.

EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) is a process which works by recirculating a portion of an engine’s Exhaust Gas back into the Engine. The EGR Valve controls the volume of air which can pass through this process.

EGR systems are designed solely to provide a reduction in vehicle emissons, often at the compromise of longeivity and reliability. Unlike a DPF system, even when working correctly the EGR process has negative effects.

  • Carbon rich Exhaust Gas recirculated back into the cylinder can increase engine wear, as Carbon particles can wash past the rings and into the oil. This creates abrasive properties in the oil as well as increasing acidity, reducing engine longevity.
  • Exhaust Gas has a higher specific heat than air, so during combustion it lowers the combustion temperature in the cylinders. This reduces the amount of power produced by the engine during each combustion cycle.
  • The benefit of lowering the combustion temperature (as above) is nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions are fractionally reduced. However, this has a negative effect on vehicles with a DPF filter, as NOx is the primary oxidiser of soot caught in the DPF. As a result, diesel (or another fluid) has to be used in the active cleaning of a DPF.
  • During the EGR process the otherwise dry intake system is subject to soot, unburned fuel and oil in the Exhaust Gas. This condenses with cold air and oil vapour and can cause buildup of sticky tar in the intake manifold and valves. It can also cause problems with components such as the EGR Valve itself, Manifold Flaps, Anti-Shudder Valves etc.

As above, the actual operation of the EGR can cause them to foul with soot from the exhaust. The main issues we see result from the sticky tar deposit sticking the mechanical parts of the valve, or damaging the electrical components of modern electronic EGR valves. This is worsened in cars which are driven shorter, stop/start journeys or the whole of the RPM range is not used during each drive cycle.

EGR Removal

Due to the problems of the EGR system, and the minimal effect it has on vehicle emissions we believe removal is the best method for dealing with any issues. It is possible to Clean and also Replace an EGR Valve but since no level of diagnostics beforehand can confirm if either of these will work on a longer term, we prefer to use this garaunteed method.

EGR removal is often also called “bypass” or “blanking” and describes the process where we remove the EGR as a process rather than the valve itself. This process is vehicle dependant and involves 3 steps:-

  • Advanced Diagnostics – confirm the exact fault in the EGR system.
  • Software – remapping the vehicle to remove the EGR software from the ECU.
  • Hardware – how we stop the EGR. This is vehicle and fault dependant. Sometimes the software is enough to stop the gases, or a vacuum/electrical plug removed, or a blanking plate can also be used.

Your EGR Removal is completely garaunteed while you own the vehicle. For more details see our T&C’s here.

If you have a question, check out our FAQ section, if you can’t find the answer Contact Us Here.