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Technical Bulletin:- We’ve now uploaded a few changes – some people are having issues with the update. 

If you are having Loading Issues:- 

  • Press F5 on your keyboard, and check the page refreshes. 
  • If this works, press CTRL + F5 to refresh again. This should fix certain loading issues.

If you are still having trouble or need assistance, please Call the Office! Thanks! 🙂

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Coming Soon! (Find Out More)

Below are some suggested ideas we’re currently working on – drop us a message to add a suggestion!

  • (User) VMAX/SpeedLimiter Check Box 
  • (Admin) Bulk Change Status for Customer
  • (User) Queue Position Live in Table.
  • (Admin) Download Links for Slave Tool Software
  • (Admin) Add Notes to Files for Customer (ie – Unplug EGR, Do DPF Resets First…etc)
  • (User) Allow Users to show Payments and Total Account (Inclusive)