Swirl Flap Delete

Swirl/Inlet Manifold Flap Delete

This page briefly explains the function and problems with Swirl or Inlet Manifold Flaps, and how we can assist if yours are giving issues, or you need them removed.
Swirl/Inlet Manifold Flaps

Swirl/Inlet Flaps are small “butterfly valves” fitted into the intake manifolds of modern vehicles. The cars management system closes the flaps at low or idle speed, creating turbulence to assist in fuel/air mixtures – or in some cases purely to shut the engine off more smoothly.

The main cause of Swirl/Inlet Flap issues is contamination from EGR. (Find out more here) Over time they can stick in one position, creating faults. In some cases this can put strain on the mechanism itself and cause the swirl flaps to break. The securing screws or even the flaps themselves can fall into the engine intake, causing major damage.

The risks posed by a faulty swirl/inlet manifold flap (outlined above) outweighs any benefits of having them in place. For us this means a complete removal/delete is the only way to completely prevent any further issues. The process is as follows:-

Mechanical Removal – This is done if your vehicle is prone to the flaps or securing screws physically breaking and damaging the engine. We do this by removing the inlet manifold and replacing the flaps with “blanks” which can never cause any damage to the vehicle. Software is then done to remove the relative software from the Engine ECU.

Software Removal – This is done on vehicles with better systems which pose no threat to failure and damaging the engine. These flaps sit naturally open, and can be programmed to remain in this position to prevent any issues with the Intake System.

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